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Doch so mancher Film verursachte auch ein stilles Kopfschütteln. Ich würde mich über Kommentare, egal ob positiv oder negativ, sehr freuen.

Auf der hier besprochenen DVD „Dark Footage“ befinden sich acht Kurzfilme und eine Behind the Scenes – Featurette.

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You’ll feel a stack amass in your hands, instead of ending up with a fistful of nothing.

You expect me to fill in the details about specific ways your service might manifest itself, but I won’t. Generalization just results in easily dismissed, flaccid copy, devoid of any emotional power or credibility.

Me: Well, she’s entitled to her — You: On Halloween? You have to be willing to tell one small sliver of your story powerfully, instead of trying to summarize the whole experience in the neutered grays of abstract generalizations.

When my little boy comes to her stoop wearing his older brother’s uniform? When he started to cry, she said, “If you turn out to be gay, you’ll be glad you met me.” Then she looked straight at me and slammed the door. You re-created a dramatic scene, making me see it through your eyes. This means you have to do two things: For instance, I write radio ads for a builder of pole barns up in Ontario.

Vier davon könnt Ihr ab heute hier gratis anschauen, erwähnen werde ich aber natürlich alle Acht.

Ach ja, bevor wir beginnen die DVD auf Herz und Nieren zu prüfen hier noch die kurze Info, dass ich natürlich keine echte Bewertung der Filme abgeben kann, da ich natürlich voreingenommen bin.

It feels like common sense not to shut anyone out — particularly someone who would, in fact, be a great fit for your product or service.

All too quickly your time runs out, leaving you empty-handed. But actually, it’s the only way of coming out with a fistful of dollars. It means you won’t get the chance to say everything good there is to say about your beloved product, service, brand, company, niche topic, etc. It feels like common sense not to exclude any potential readers or customers.

Instead of painting a picture with individual details, we try to go for a “clump,” a generalization that can cover every reader, every scenario. Chasing after a single bill or a single detail feels like forsaking the greater opportunity — like we’re settling for something smaller than we should.

Strangely enough, the same thing happens with writing.

Deshalb möchte ich Euch hier meine DVD „Dark Footage“ vorstellen…

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