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She The dankprofessor welcomes input from blog readers.

Confidential emails should be sent to him directly at- [email protected] dankprofessor will respond to all personal emails.

He is the Founding Editor of SEXUALITY AND CULTURE, published by Springer NYC.

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She said she posed because she is a poor Princeton student and needed the money.

Maybe she didn’t know she would be on the cover of DIAMOND and it is damn hard for any cover girl to remain undercover.

The dankprofessor blog is devoted to the love of knowledge and to the knowledge of love.

The blog will serve as a major resource on issues relating to consensual student professor sexual/love relationships.

In 1977 he became famous/infamous for his LA Times article on the anti-homosexual campaign of Anita Bryant.

Later he focused on interracial relationships and on student-professor relationships.

Leads on relevant stories will be greatly appreciated.

Guest commentaries should be sent to the same email address for consideration for blog publication.

Now the Diamond text just above the picture reads- “Who knew smart people could be so sexy?

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