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We've been doing this for a very long time so we know what we're doing.The singles of Hertfordshire will soon be able to take part in the best and most innovative dating nights around. It's just like it sounds, lots of quick dates lasting 4 minutes.

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We have one of our most prestigious singles event in Hertfordshire.

As at all our singles events we meet each and every member on arrival and arrange our seating plans to allow members to sit with other members of the type they are hoping to meet.

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Long new are bad dates, with Particular Down Dating herts it's always crumbling to be special.

We organise singles events in Hertfordshire, Cambridgshire, Essex and many other areas.

We also have a Hertfordshire dating agency and all our dating agency members have a free lifetime membership of the singles events.

It’s the perfect amount of time to find out if they're someone you'd like to see again and not that long if not.

You will be able to have a laugh and a flirt with up to 20 dates in one night!

• The club has a Committee, but it’s the members who host the events.

This means that whatever you want to do – whatever your interests - you can put an event in the programme, and some other members are very likely to join you.

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