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Create crazy stories and enlarge your vocabulary with words you have never heard before. Challenge your friends or use Rap Script in fullscreen at your next live gig or cypher.

(F*ck you Nostik) Gosh qracious, this n*qqa sounds racist, I could qo look for him but my mind will be qoin' spacious.

B*tch I bet they stalk me jus'-in-case, I murder with a qirder nd' destroy a n*qqas damn face, Im scarin' all you herders, nd' stupid wanna be burqlars, with a burner, eatin' burqers durinq a paced' car chase.

It comes out my brain like im going insane but the truth is its the only way i can maintain. I wish mentally i was black and white but my mind says im grey If i cud fly i wud just spread my winds and soar away.

Start chillin with the bald eagles and the falcons everyday. You started a battle and i showed up make sure you have healthcare...

I tell myself im getting wiser, and even bit more meek, but the truth is im just getting older everytime that i blink. Bxtch please you aint nothin more than a coward in danger... wassup, im new to this to but ill still school you im from the streets of michigan where you never been, lived here since i was born never left you better duck before your face connects with my left, btch dont kill my vibe me my team we'll kill your whole tribe, winters are cold walking home my feet are froze cant feel my toes then i meet up with the bros we fight for 30 no low blows cuz we homies and we know, police know how we roll, we dont fck around we go to town, im no thug but i get around people mistaking us for mobbin all 8 of us watchin smokin a blunt an walkin bumpin to the newist mgk sht or that dmx sht we never fck with this new sht it's sht like i **** and took this new hip hop sht an whiped my *** with it, i'm 17 and i know whats goood i get down in the hoood im notta G im just a troubled kid tryna turn my life around but its hard when all your friends dont give a sht and on the same way we'll never go our own ways, someday we'll all get our payday and revenge is just a day away.

Dont want to fall short, end up staring at my feet, cause prosperity is something i envision to meet See ive learned in my lifetime you have to be greatfull, for all the things you can do if your willing and able. Without much effort im outbidding that shxt u submitting... You've been "listening" to all types of rap since u were a "youth"...

Do not try to attend most expensive bars or places where millionaires attend, in the hope of finding one.

Tips for Dating a Millionaire Before you venture into online millionaire dating, you must be aware that you will find different people with different objectives.

This busyness have so many retards, in good time i better wash my hands Before some servant will punch me in da face I’am feel myself like I’am Hussain, and hold nuclear briefcase Life trough mask, sheat in stores, bomb planting on da base I go walk on the streets in my jordan’s on feets And these bitches hidin or appeal for mercy on their knees Fuck nazi, but i building new empire, like 3rd Reich Synkin their lifes, busyness and albums in sheat-sike One more time I saw Basta on tv, and just was fuckin shoked He was a good mc, now shinin ass on tv like Nicky Minage ST went to the bottom, like Bismark in ocean He tried keep it real, but played on girls emotions And what about Blackstar, their style in black colores ?

They just want to be like blacks, but stayin only wankers Oxxy, LCP, say please what’s drank in my cup?

Welcome to Date a Millionaire UK Welcome to the site that cares for all of your wishes and needs in dating a millionaire.

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