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In fact, I didn’t stop until one of my friends slapped me with one powerful sentence — “You wouldn’t put up with this if it were anyone else.” Although she was wrong — I would’ve put up with it if it were anyone at the time — I realized immediately this person shaking like a leaf when faced with the prospect of having to make decisions alone was not who I was, nor who I should be.

Although most people would counsel reclaiming your confidence by allowing those insults and denigrating comments to roll off and paying them no mind, I find it much more therapeutic to vent.

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Occasionally I will respond to the generic message boys, but experience has made me wise to the fact those who send generic messages can rarely carry a conversation, and it is a waste of my time to engage in such pointless drivel.

Feeling pretty good, I narrow down potential interests and get ready to ask them out.9.

Knowing full well that no amount of logic will change the other parties mind, once I make my point I find calling them a big bag of floppy dicks with the consistency of runny eggs wrapped in tinfoil left to bake in the sun usually releases any built up rage within me.

But that’s just me and my therapy…Look guys, we get it.

Upset I’ve wasted time on this one already, it heads for the trash. Late at night, the doubt creeps in — are you sure there’s someone out there for you?

Maybe it’s hopeless, did you ever think about that? Even as the voices are crushed with the weight of my eyelids, the uneasy feeling lingers.6.

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Calling me a fat bitch he didn’t want anyway, he delves deeply into why he is entitled to my time and attention, and how I am selfish and clearly revelling in the attention he gave me to boost my ego and nothing more.

He claims to know why I’m on the site — and it’s because nobody wants such a snobby bitch in person. When I was new to the scene and my gut told me to stop talking to someone, I did.

And then a couple more times, and I respond equally as excitedly until I realize we disagree on every fundamental aspect in life and definitely were not meant to be.

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