Updating time in excel

Since this places the value, we don’t need to worry even if the date or time changes.

But the only issue is, every time you need a time stamp you have to press the 2 keys.

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We have a folder specifically for inbound and one for outbound, with item codes for each material.

What I am wanting to know is there a way for me to point Excel to Folder A and then to Folder B then get the sum as a real time update?

Timesheet projects need to determine the elapsed time between and start and end times, or determine how many hours are overtime.

I am trying to develop a spreadsheet for our company at the moment to show real time updates on inventory.

Let's say that you want to easily enter the current date and time while making a time log of activities.

Or perhaps you want to display the current date and time automatically in a cell every time formulas are recalculated.

When Excel was introduced, 123 has nearly the entire market for spreadsheet software.

In Excel, the day after 1900-Feb-28 is 1900-Feb-29.

I am using 2 different versions of excel (2003, 2007) and having the same problem in both: the now() function is not updating in real time. Thinking it was my workbook, I started going through all VBA and worksheet formulas looking for problems but couldn't find any.

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