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This includes the development of policies and procedures to manage data handled electronically as well as through non-electronic means .

Data handling is important in ensuring the integrity of research data since it addresses concerns related to confidentially, security, and preservation/retention of research data.

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It is especially important to do this in the case of a former employee who held a high-level position or left the company under a cloud of suspicion.

The appropriation and application of these three principles should be the collective work of the company's executive staff, IT and HR departments, and legal counsel that specializes in computer forensics and the laws governing the company's use of computing technology.

The goal, of course, should always be to revoke access in ways that make good business sense financially, technologically, and legally.

Every company needs to have data redundancy and retention policies that satisfy its business needs and adhere to applicable laws.

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Nevertheless, there are at least three broad IT principles to which a company should adhere when and after terminating an employee.

Remote access should also be removed, and the former employee should be dispossessed of all company-owned property, including technological resources like a notebook computer and intellectual property like corporate files containing customer, sales, and marketing information.

The results of this cooperative effort should be greater protection of corporate data as well as better preparedness for litigation regarding corporate data theft, hacking, and other forms of illegal or ill-advised uses of computing technology.

Working with IT as a valued partner guarantees that these goals are achieved in the event of an employment termination.

These systems may be used for storage, archival, sharing, and disposing off data, and therefore, require adequate planning at the start of a research project so that issues related to data integrity can be analyzed and addressed early on.

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