101 rules for dating

Yea, lots of people have met at work and it worked out for them but, there are also lots of sexual harassment suits ahppening and you don't want to be one of them.12. * You don't want the crap she brought home and you don't want to pay child support for 18 years right?

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You do not make plans with chicks you are dating on these days.21. Saying anything more may and most likely will lead up to a lawsuit.26 Men don’t dance! After divorce court all the husband will own are his shrivelled balls and a ton of bills and bad credit while the wife will enjoy the house, cars, children, and a pound of the husbands flesh and blood every month(alimony & child support payments). What woman will fuck a broken down loser with a lifetime of alimony payments.

If you have a dinner date, eat a hearty meal before taking her out.* Tell the waiter that you'll just have a salad. * The only exception is if you are Gay or Latino.27. Never.* It raises her self esteem and she will look down on you. Remember, none of you guys are special and divorce can and will happen to any of us. Not because I agree with you or what you posted, (It's all bullsh*t) but because I want this post to stay as one of the last five posts on your profile and the last 25 posts in this forum that you made so that women can see what you're about and what you believe in.

There is no benefit for a man getting married.* Proof- your husbandly responsibilties include but not limited to the following1. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry over this one. It's chauvinistic, insulting, stereotypical, and just wrong to treat women this way.

pay for rent or mortgage(full or portion of the house will be hers in case of divorce)2. I have met men though that fit some on the points mentioned, and let me tell you, no where in this list does it say how the woman is hurt, rejected, betrayed, used, etc., not to mention any emotional damage caused by ***holes like this.

Don't detour to Denny's for breakfast or anything like that. Thursday-Saturday is offlimits for a girl unless its definite poon.

This time is spent hanging out with your friends and having a good time.8.offers guys like you the most brutally honest, often shocking yet pragmatically useful source of male entertainment and education anywhere on the planet!Read answers to past questions below or “Ask Your Professor” a new question by clicking here!Don't discuss that you are a Leykis listener and follow his rules.* Many women think Tom is a pig and won't bang just because.20. Don’t tell them they look nice, don’t comment on anything except on what work needs to be done. Most wives of 50 yrs ago expected little from a husband- just have a decent job and fuck me and most stayed in the marriage for better or worse.Christmas, New Year's eve and Day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, her birthday or yours, these are days that are off limits. Never do what you don’t want to do.*You make the money, you decide on what you want to do and where you want to do it.23. Women never know what they want.* You're driving this ship.24. Your conversation should be limited to Good morning and goodnight with exception of the occasional good afternoon. Today's female is a totally different breed of cat. Now if the husband and/or wife decides to divorce the husband will PAY.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

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