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I've never wanted to act out anything in real life.My fantasies are too extreme, and anything that could really be done to another person doesn't do that much for me.I think she knows the type of thing I like, but we never discuss it, and that suits me fine.

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That having been said, she's totally fine with my affinity toward it. The trick is to get one that loves you despite the fact that you're a weirdo. Like Joanna said, it's surprising that a comedy show would get it so right. Ralphus, I want to wish you a Happy Anniversary for the past 16 years and many more.

I want to also thank you for the snidely whiplash cartoons.

I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who would like to continue doing those type of cartoons today.

I also thought of an idea of doing some of your gimp stories in illustrated style.

I've never discussed it with friends either - for all I know they could be major fans of my stories!

@Ralphus: Re: Shameless: I can't believe a mainstream actress agreed to do that, those clamps are really attached in the proper way; and I can't believe that a cable series torture scene played for laughs was more realistic than many bondage videos.

Re: Ralphus' girl friend's reaction to Fatal Pulse...: I wouldn't fuck you after that either!!

I agree with you that most partners will find out (they are nosy as hell!

) if the relationship looks like it might go somewhere. I like breast whipping, which a number of partners have been willing to play to greater or lesser degrees of seriousness.

If they can't accept (not necessarily participate), that's not a good sign. You have a body MADE to be tortured (pointing out the various parts as they are lightly carressed.)" I like to tell stories in bed, often combining her fantasy and mine (e.g. I show them stripes, but I rarely if ever get into the heaviest Elite Pain stuff with the marks that will be there for weeks.

He violates her with a bottle and forces her to orgasm with a vibrator.

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