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Otherwise, with the exception of a few firing imperfections, it's in great condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs C619 Oyster Crock or Jar was likely made somewhere in Mid Atlantic area sometime around 1870.Otherwise, with the exception of a few firing imperfections, C106 Late 18th century one drawer work table with the original red paint, dovetailed drawer, thick one board top chamfered around edges to appear thinner than it is,held place with tee nails circa 1790 C599 19th century New England ,small Dome top Box, with original blue paint, Made by George Rogers, when he was 14 years old is written on the insid of the box, leather hinges , and square head nail construction circa 1840 - 1850 WL6 19th century Pennsylvania slant front Desk, with outstanding interior, of 15 dovetailed drawers, over two long drawers which is also dovetailed.These trees were made of dyed goose and turkey feathers which were attached to wires which became the branches for the first artificial trees... B375 Early 19th century Eastern Shore Virginia Miniature Blanket Chest,the wood is walnut with the original red paint, vey unusual applied cut out design base, dovetailed case, circa 1820 - 1840 SOLD C546 18th century Beehive Turned Wooden Bowl in Original Paint, Treen, Original dry beautiful Green Paint, The earliest wood bowls were turned on a lathe which left ridges which look, when the bowl is turned over, like a beehive.

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Dating furniture adjustable shelves

Great size for a table top cupboard or a hanging cupboard .

D55 Mid 19th century Shenandoah Valley, Virginia Plantation Desk, made by Joseph Waddington Borden . At age 17 he moved to Alexandria, Virginia in 1822, where he apprenticed himself to be a potter.

The three shelves are double mortised through the sizes with a real nice half circle cut, the wood is pine and poplar all square nail construction Sold!

SB12 Ladder Back Pennsylvania early 19th century Child's Chair with original red paint unclean surface.

Ira is undoubtedly Chincoteague, Virginia's most famous decoy maker.

During the first half of the 20th century, he made thousands of working decoys T346 Pennsylvania original green painted Cutlery Tray , with a nice high handle, the inside of the tray is showing wear from use, flared sided, nailed construction with square head nails.

Joe has is own folk art style he adds to every bird He carves, this swan has a layered hollow pegged together body, with a long pegged on head.

LL23 19th century wooden storage Box with the original black paint, very unusual with a removable lid, nailed construction with square head nails, Used in a Country Store, to transport bake goods, circa 1840SOLD C590 The first artificial Christmas tree was developed in Germany during the late 1800s. These artificial trees were then brought to America by German immigrants and also produced and sold in the dime stores during the 1920s and 30s.

D85 19th century New England Cobblers Bench This unique, Cobblers Bench features a vertical storage cabinet on the left with four small drawers total and four storage slots along the bottom, which rests on a short, rectangular side table with two drawers in the front and a small chair attached to the right side.

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