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The story of Nauru's descent from prosperity to penury is one of the most cautionary tales of modern development.

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Yet the most popular pastime seems to be idly driving the 20-minute circuit around the island, drinking imported Victoria Bitter beer and tossing the empty cans out of the window.

More active types lift weights or train frigate birds—although the pelican-like creatures are no longer coached to regurgitate the fish they catch for the islanders.

But nowadays few Nauruans are capable of doing these jobs. In a terrible indictment of its own stewardship, the government of Australia declared Nauru uninhabitable and offered to resettle the population on a deserted island off the coast of Queensland.

The Nauruans, determined to win control of their own affairs, opted instead for independence.

Australians serve as managers, doctors and engineers, Chinese run the restaurants and shops, while other Pacific islanders do the dirty work in the mines.

That was all very well for much of the 20th century, when the money was flowing in and Nauruans saw no need to work for a living. By then some two-thirds of the phosphate was already gone—with all the destruction that entailed.

Undaunted, the colonial rulers introduced foreign labour to speed the plunder of the island.

Today, out of a total population of 12,000, some 4,000 are foreigners.

In the 1870s, civil war between the island's 12 tribes reduced the population by 40%, largely thanks to firearms introduced by passing whalers.

Then, starting with the Germans in 1888, the island was colonised not by one country but by five, in quick succession.

In a final act of exploitation before bowing out, Australia, New Zealand and Britain forced Nauru to borrow against its future earnings from mining to buy out their shared phosphate company. The government planned to set aside a portion of its revenues from mining to rehabilitate the land.

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