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By Miri - When we think of the abundance of historical and religious sites in Palestine/Israel, we usually think of the majestic cities of Jerusalem or Bethlehem, while other places, especially the smaller ones in the West Bank (not to mention those in the basically inaccessible Gaza region) are by and large ignored.

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Sebastia, a village of a few thousand people in the Nablus region is one of those places, although it seems to be a bit more successful in receiving the attention it deserves.

The village and the numerous ancient sites in its immediate surrounding comprise of remains from six successive cultures, Canaanite, Israelite, Hellenistic, Herodian, Roman and Byzantine, dating altogether back as far as 10,000 years.

More recently farmers of Sebastia have been complaining about sewage water from Shavei Shomron, which is being pumped into and flooding the farmers' fields and damaging their crops.

Fielke Cricket Bats has a rich history dating back to over 100 years and remains the only South Australian based cricket bat manufacturing setup, now run solely by Robert “Bob” Fielke (pronounced: Fill-key).

Alongside cricket bat manufacturing and refurbishing, Bob has manufactured all sorts of merchandise and household novelties; my best one being a full length bat that can hold wine glasses or a bunch of pints.

He has also impressively taken the time to produce replica bats to demonstrate how they evolved throughout the known history of the game.

Each of the historic bats Bob pulls out has a story of its origins and intended purpose as to how the game was at that estimated period in time.

It’s intriguing to be reminded every now and then how this great game of ours came to be.

After seven attempts and six removals from the site by the Israeli army, the Israeli government and the settlers reached an agreement by which it allowed 25 families to settle down in the Kadum army camp, which would later develop into the town of Kedumim, a settlement which by now counts more than 3,500 people.

What has become known as the "Sebastia model" was subsequently successfully copied in numerous other settlements, among others in Shavei Shomron, a settlement by and large established on Sebastia's land.

He has a definite sense of pride and passion for the Fielke brand and gets a real buzz when discussing the history of the cricket bat, knowing his family is connected to it in some way.

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