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That was the subject of a recent thread on the Airline Pilot Forum with a moderator under the pseudonym UAL T38 Phlyer pointing out: I saw it the other night (surfing through it). A ranch-hand gave chase to one of the guys on the ground.The guy who took the plane buzzed him repeatedly to drive him off.Troublingly, Square offers very little in the way of customer service, and many business owners have complained about Square withholding funds and shutting down accounts without sufficient cause. If you want to offer customers mobile payment options using a service with a more merchant-friendly reputation, you can test out several robust Square alternatives that fit this profile.

Businesses with higher sales volumes will also be able to save money with Clover Go.i Zettle (see our review) is a chip card-based mobile payment service that currently serves merchants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil. However, with chip card usage on the rise, i Zettle’s expansion into the US could be imminent.

(If right now you’re thinking, “What the heck is a chip card?

You can also use Clover Go as a supplemental “on-the-go” payment option in addition to your primary Clover Station.

While the other Clover POS systems (Clover Station and Clover Mini) require you to purchase proprietary hardware, Clover Go lets you use an i Phone or Android phone, just like Square.

” check out our article Do You Really Need an EMV Chip Card Terminal?

)To process mobile payments, i Zettle offers two separate mobile credit card readers, including one that works with chip and PIN cards, and another for chip and signature cards.

We have written a couple of times about the airplane repo business (see Risky business: Being an airplane repo man and Meet an airplane repo man) plus the Discovery Channel has even created a reality TV series called Airplane Repo where repo men chase multi-million dollar jets across America.

However, just how real is the Discovery Channel’s Airplane Repo show?

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