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I have my laptop (HP) connected to my Sony TV with an HDMI cable. Then I went back to connecting my HP laptop to the Sony TV and tested the sound in control panel, and the sound from my computer came out of the Sony TV perfectly.

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When I open Properties, I can see the words 'HDMI Digital Jack'. With the Sony TV highlighted, I clicked on 'Configure'. If not go to your ATI control panel/ Nvidia control panel, which ever you use and look for the HDMI options.

This allowed me to test the speakers on my Sony TV and the sound is loud and clear from the laptop to the TV when I do the test. Also look if your laptop is projecting on maximum resolution on your tv. Maybe more than you Ok, another I changed my default Audio in the control panel of my laptop to 'Sony TV', and I finally was able to watch a video on my TV with picture plus audio. So now I'll have to figure out how to get sound from both the laptop and the TV at the same time.

In very simplistic terms, there are two basic options available to you: mass produced cases and custom made-to-order cases.

Mass-produced cases are what the vast majority of people will use for their setup.

First, we’ll go over the parts one by one and then move on to assembly, testing and use later.

Before going on, as you go through this guide there will be links to various products. There are a plethora of water cooling parts available out there; the ones listed are just a few of the more common choices.

You can even crazy and go with something like one of Frozen Q’s Liquid Fusion works of art.

The only “rule” for a reservoir is that it come before the pump so it will always be supplied with fluid. Another purpose reservoirs serve is to both fill and bleed the system.

Whatever your motivation, water cooling can accomplish all of those and then some.

Before you jump into this facet of our hobby, it’s always best to plan your water loop from start to finish; from the ground up – starting with the most basic of components.

If yes change the resolution on one random and then set it back at maximum. I thought you had already tried setting your default audio to Sony TV. The thing you want now is not possible, at least as far as i know.

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