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Open your eyes ladies and don't be desparate for these Nigerian scammers as they need to be arrested.

I fell for the last one simply because of his looks.

Hi Don't feel foolish, I know I felt the same after a 'Dr Roland Smith' romanced me via twitter and hangouts.

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Sexi chat free onlile side

Beware ladies he goes for vulnerable and offers the world.

I was friended on Facebook and this person promised me the moon.

A Garrett Michell however it was a totally different person than what Garrett michell’s profile looks like.

Especially since he advised me not to share our relationship with anyone.

He showed all kinds of photos and even a video while he was at a party.

Just messages but we did text on one of the numbers.

I had in the back of my mind that something wasn't right.

Sure enough this person was needing my assistance and I blocked him.

He says he is a surgeon on a peacekeeping mission in Syria.

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