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With an all-inclusive approach, institutions can access an incredible number of compliance solutions including dynamic document preparation, data validation and testing with E / O policy legal backing and HMDA, CRA, REMA, geocoding, and Fair Lending solutions.The right solution will improve the agility and speed of these diverse compliance platforms across an enterprise in a controlled, transparent, and organic way.31, 2017 unless the property was identified as vacant or abandoned prior to the hurricane and a property inspection confirms no damage to the property or, if damaged, the property is not covered by insurance or is ineligible for any state or federal disaster relief.

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The mass of the regulatory system was relatively small then, and the force necessary to counteract regulation only needed a relatively small amount of energy.

Mortgage document preparation was a simple process thirty-plus years ago, Michael Riddle, founder and president of MRG Docs recalls.

These expertise-fueled compliance ecosystems can empower financial institutions to react to the ever-growing regulatory mass with equal force.

The weight of the regulatory system is counteracted by the power of integrated compliance tech solutions.

Many best-in-class tools struggle to adapt fast enough in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape when maintained by companies with a primary expertise in software and not compliance.

The exposure of a lender is twofold: out-of-date software exposes potential security risks and out-of-date regulatory systems expose potential compliance risks.

The DIY solution to maintaining compliance would take any institution thousands of hours of research and manpower to implement policies that adhere to federal and state regulations, not including the technical know how to build a platform to manage it.ompliance (E=MC2).

The true best-in-class solutions crossbreed software engineers with experts steeped in regulatory compliance knowledge.

As the pressure on the industry mounts, so does the need for an equal and opposing force to effectively - and profitably - navigate it.

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