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Oddly enough, some files are able to update the links automatically on open while others are not.

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Contact Markzware ( they have solutions for this kind of issue, Flightcheck is most likely the product you will need.

I would advise caution with the single level folder organisation work around.

When exporting or printing, the original graphic is retrieved, creating the final output from the full resolution of the originals.

I have to update a brochure for one of my clients, so I copy all of the materials back onto my hard drive from DVD storage.

Linked artwork is connected to, but remains independent of, the document, resulting in a smaller document.

A linked graphic may be used many times without significantly increasing the size of the document; all links can also be updated all at once.

I get the window with the path and I have to navigate over and over to the same damn image.

Sometimes I consolidate my artwork near the completion of a project and move the art, but nonetheless once you've told ID to update from the new consolidated art folder, all the other instances of the same name should update too.

In the dialog window that opens, press the Browse button and navigate to the folder that contains the images.

The first image will be highlighted if it is located in this folder.

As any advice: If you put everything in a same folder, that is, if the In Design document is in the same folder as the links you only would need to replace/update one link and In Design will find the rest for this document.

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