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"In 2014, after eight years at Bellevue Arts Museum, I moved to DC to join the Renwick Gallery.

I attended my first Burning Man in 2017 as research for my exhibition No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man, which explores the event as a creative laboratory and one of the most important cultural movements of our time.

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As she writes, "I was born and raised in the Northwest, and I find my perspective heavily influenced by its laid-back, pioneering spirit.

After earning my MA from the University of Washington, I intended to curate art, but fell into the unusual specialty of craft, which appeals to me as a way of living differently in the modern world that tells us something about being human; I continue to be fascinated by the place of the handmade in our increasingly digital age.

D-Wave is the most amazing of all, making quantum computing a reality.

It's tapping into nature's ability to compute in a fundamentally different way, and will lead to applications that will have important benefits in almost every field" bioinformatics, medicine, finance, cybersecurity, materials science, autonomous vehicles and AI/machine learning.

As Barreau writes: "Ever since I was a child, I was always passionate about building things.

This drive to make the imaginary real is what pushed me to create a company as soon as I got out of university.

40 years later, this is exactly what I am still doing.

"When the first video games in real-time 3D appeared, I thought it would be a fantastic medium to tell stories in a totally new way: instead of talking to a passive audience, I could write a scenario in which the player would be hero, the co-writer and the co-director of the experience, in one word: an interactor.

He was later Team Lead at the Google New York Creative Lab (and modeled for Bergdorf Goodman! He has been awarded seven patents and was named by Business Week as one of the Top Entrepreneurs in Technology.

Nora Atkinson is the Lloyd Herman Curator of Craft Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art Museum Washington, DC.

He has been commissioned by organisations including the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Barbican, Artangel, the Oslo Architecture Triennale, the Istanbul Design Biennial, and been honoured by Ars Electronica, the Japan Media Arts Festival, and the Design Museum, London.

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