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The project began as an exhibition in Germany of works that focus on ecological issues.

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Early marriage is related to forced marriage because minors are deemed incapable of giving informed consent.1 Forced and early marriages are serious human rights violations.

The requirement for the free and informed consent of both parties to a marriage is recognized in numerous legal instruments at international, national and local levels.

Particular focus is given to promoting innovative projects between established and young artists who work in the fields of traditional and contemporary art.

In the beginning of 2009 there also will be presentations of the project CROSSROADS: Nomadic Knowledge & Art Strategies at the Edith-Ru- Haus fr Medienkunst and in the Landesmuseum fr Natur und Mensch in Oldenburg.

The workshops are carried out in co-operation with the Media Art supplementary course at Oldenburg University.

Landesmuseum fr Natur und Mensch (Museum for Nature and Humankind) Oldenburg, Germany 1835, Oldenburgs Grand Duke Paul Friedrich August bought a collection of natural history objects.

Partner institutions: Edith-Ru-Haus fr Medienkunst (House for Media Art) Oldenburg, Germany This space was made possible by the generous bequest of the Oldenburg resident Edith Maria Ru (19191993). Works by media artists are regularly shown and presentations, artists meetings and scholarships all contribute to the public discussion of media art.

In addition, twice a year, internationally active media artists are invited as artists-in-residence to develop projects and workshops.

This paper elaborates on the information presented in the “Forced and Early Marriage” section of The Advocate’s Stop Violence Against Women (Stop VAW) website which can be found at Introduction Forced and early marriage deprives women and young girls of their basic human rights.

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