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Barroso had briefed the EU’s 28 leaders hours after the phone conversation at a summit in Brussels — from where the information eventually leaked.Putin’s comment reportedly came in response to Barroso pointing out Ukrainian and Western reports that Russia had sharply escalated the conflict in eastern Ukraine by sending regular army units into Ukraine.

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I’ve never liked a machine so much,” laughs Michel. It was like the Millennium Falcon meets the Grand Budapest Hotel.“When you go down into the engine room and the control rooms, it’s astonishing.

Rather, the Kitchener-raised singer/songwriter’s 12th album is a fond love letter to the far north, to the people, the whales and the polar bears he encountered during his travels and to the hardy itself, which emerges by the end of the album as almost a living, breathing character itself.“I fell in love with that ship.

And Oleh Tyanhybok, leader of the nationalist Svoboda party, said “I would warn the president and diplomats from sitting at the talks table” with rebels.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday urged the United States to use its influence with Ukraine to encourage efforts to reach a political settlement.“It’s necessary to restrain the party of war in Kyiv and only the United States can do it,” he said at a briefing.

It’s gorgeous to me.”Singer/songwriter Danny Michel (right) with Rob Carli, created Michel's latest album Khlebnikov on a Russian ice breaker in the middle of the Atlantic. Ten lucky travellers from the worlds of film, photography, literature and, of course, music were asked to come along — to a part of the planet so few human beings get to see that it might as well be outer space — and simply take it all in.

“I mean, I like old cars, but you know what this was like? As a guy who loves gear — like, old gear in a recording studio — all the machines and dials and these old vintage consoles, it’s gorgeous. Michel’s trip to the top of the world came at the invitation of former astronaut (and sometime musician) Chris Hadfield and his son, Evan, who conceived of the journey as an extension of their Generator series of science-meets-the-arts events.

Ushakov on Tuesday reaffirmed Moscow’s repeated denial that it has sent any soldiers into Ukraine, even though a rebel leader said last week that Russian servicemen on leave were among some 4,000 Russians fighting in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Defence Minister Valeriy Heletey said on his Facebook page that the counter-insurgency operation against the rebels is over and the nation’s military was now facing the Russian army.“This is our Great Patriotic War,” he wrote, using the local terminology for World War II.

Like, literally: I felt like I got to go to the moon or something.”The resulting work, dressed up upon Michel’s return to Ontario with some poignant string and brass arrangements by celebrated film and TV composer (and childhood friend) Rob Carli, puts a bit of a Russian-folk spin on Michel’s typically astute folk-pop songwriting, even featuring Hadfield — who learned the language so he could communicate with his cosmonaut roommates during his tenure on the International Space Station — putting the poetry of Alexander Pushkin to music on “Fall” and a chorus of dishwashers singing a Russian folk song on “The Dishwasher’s Dream.” Those interactions with the ship’s crew left as much of a mark on Michel as such “life” moments as visiting the graves of the Franklin Expedition or eating a chunk of narwhal flesh freshly harpooned and wrestled from the deep by an Inuk gentleman he met on a beach.

Not unless he suddenly emerges out of nowhere as, like, a top-shelf candidate for prime minister of Canada in three years and . Michel was understandably “flattered” to be asked along, and diligently set up a makeshift studio in cabin 712 (“Studio 712”) to record his impressions as the ship wound its way toward the North Pole using the meager amount of gear he was allowed to bring: a miniature guitar, a couple of microphones and a laptop. “Our job was to absorb the experience and bring it back and share it with the world in whatever way we wanted to,” says Michel. It was like ‘Let’s just all go experience this together and see what comes out of it from each of you.’“It was nuts. For me, to be able to go to see this corner of the planet that so few people get to see.

Vladimir Isachenkov and Nataliya Vasilyeva in Moscow contributed to this report.

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