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Astonishing as it seems, the burial cave of the Caiaphas family was found, in Jerusalem, by "accident" -- the family of one of the priests who presided at the trial of Jesus.Workers building a water park in 1990 accidentally uncovered an ancient burial cave, underneath what is now a stretch of road in Jerusalem's Peace Forest. In the burial cave, archaeologists found twelve ossuaries, including one decorated with two six-petaled rosettes within concentric circles. Reburial in an ossuary was rare in Jewish tombs after the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 C. Suffice it to say that the form(s) of the name Caiaphas inscribed on these ossuaries is probably the same as that of the well-known family of high priests, one of whom presided at Jesus' trial" ("Burial Cave of the Caiaphas Family," BAR, Sept.-Oct. One of the ossuaries is simply inscribed "Qafa" (ka-FA).

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Obviously he was writing to Greek speaking people, so he would write to them in Greek. It was written regarding 'the names of God', but chapters 2 and 3 addressed the matter of the New Testament being written in Greek ('Did Jesus and the Apostles Speak Greek?

There are more reasons, but this is an obvious one. ' and ' Was the New Testament Originally Written in Hebrew?

"These figures are even more instructive if we break them down between Palestine and the Diaspora.

Naturally in Palestine we would expect more Hebrew and Aramaic and less Greek. Even in Palestine approximately TWO-THIRDS of these inscriptions are in GREEK.

Writes Zvi Grenhut, archaeologist involved in the discovery and identification of the site, "Reburial in ossuaries appears mainly at the end of the first century B. Says Greenhut: "There is no doubt that this ossuary is special.

Its elaborate decoration must have something to do with the name(s) inscribed on it.

Chained: Rachel Balassiano, an Orthodox Jewish woman (above), is trying to convince her husband to give her a get which is a Jewish divorce.

She is just one of hundreds of Jewish women in the same boat Blu Greenberg, the founder of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance which operates in North America, Israel and the UK, said: 'No women should be put into this situation' before adding that the issue is 'one of the greatest crises in the Orthodox world today.' Rachel Nataneli, a family law attorney who specialises in domestic violence and works with many Orthodox Jewish women, said some women feel helpless in the situation as many men use a 'get' as a way to bargain over financial matters.

In particular, Greek was well understood in "Galilee of the Gentiles," the region where Jesus Christ of Nazareth was raised, and grew up as a young lad.

There is no doubt, therefore, that Jesus and the original apostles all spoke Greek -- commonly, as a "second language." First, let us explore the recent findings in Jerusalem of the actual tomb of Caiaphas, the high priest who condemned Christ.

(Please note that this article was originally written to disprove the thought that the only true name of God is the correctly pronounced Hebrew form of that name. The September-October 1992 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review contains several fascinating articles which bear heavily on the questions posed for this article.

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