Most intimidating movie characters

, 1984 Dossier: Before he turned heroic in later installments, Schwarzenegger’s musclebound robotic villain tried to hunt down Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) to stop her from giving birth to John Connor—the man who would lead the resistance against the machines.

Schwarzenegger’s days as a champion bodybuilder made him perfect for the part—so intimidating, in fact, that he only needed a few lines and a handful of menacing stares to immediately become one of the most memorable movie villains of all time.

Hardy's character, a superstrong mastermind, breaks Batman's back and holds all of Gotham hostage before being taken down in the climax of the movie, but his hulking presence and Hardy's performance made Bane one of the toughest, most physically dominant villains ever.

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It's alway bad news when this guy shows up.8) The Silver Surfer. Short little man with 3 times your bulk and claws.5. Anyone who has read Buffy knows how frightening he is when hes angry.6&7. they are both funny looking immortal beings who look at you like you are less than poop.8. A shrouded shadow with white eyes and a cape that resembles bat wings, staring at you from a perched position - THAT'S intimidating.honorable mention from me for Butcher.

Speed and reaction time beyond light speeds, strength with no definite upper limit. Concussive bolts of the power cosmic that easily shatter large planets. Orion is going to start punching you, and you will not die. He's so intimidating his enemies, the most powerful people and super-powered people on his planet, his friends, team mates and family give pause to whether they should cross him or not, much less do anything that would put them in his sights.

His combination of power, intent and look; he is BAD to the bone (pun intended).

When he comes to town, it's never a good reason.2) The Punisher. Ex-cop with a decidely psychotic obssession with villains, he is a street thugs worst nightmare.3) Dr Doom.

Genius level intellect, second only to Reed Richards combined with an unending lust to accumulate power from science and magic; he is earth's foremost modern alchemist with a ruthless attitude toward his enemies.4) Tyrant.

Almost on par with Galactus in power..a very nasty attitude. The Hulks-Immense strength that can grow based on certain factors 5. I think even some superheroes are intimidated by Frank. Wolverine-The idea of one of the most skilled fighters in the Marvel Universe being almost impossible to kill and having claws that cut through virtually anything is very intimidating. Sentry-He's so powerful that he's afraid of himself.

While their motivations might be wildly different, ranging from saving a loved one to getting revenge to protecting the world at large, cinema’s coolest badasses are united in their unwillingness to compromise for what they’re fighting for and the awesome ways in which they fight for it, and we're just lucky enough to be along for the ride.

Whether it’s a powered-up supervillain looking to take over the world, a final opponent armed with deadly kicks, punches, and cartoonish muscles, or a henchman looking to stop a hero in his tracks, a villain with a dominating physique can be the best part of the movie.

I must have read the series a good two dozen times. There was a recurring nightmare of mine that involved Mr.

In the books, there were times I found myself thinking, How on earth is Harry not pissing his pants right now? No-Nose chasing me through my school halls, cackling as he did so. He would then proceed to find me, and I’d get a good scare. So yeah, I guess I’ll just let this guy take that title from me.

The list is not limited to comic company, hero or villain.

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