Chat with sexy bianca - The ultimate dating and relationship guide for men

Kain As we journey through life we grow accustomed to wearing a variety of different masks, which show themselves through who we become when associating with the differing people in our lives.Many of the most challenging difficulties we can face in our relationships, come when the 'masks' that we wear, become a road block for the most important people in our lives getting to truly know and accept us.

Create an avatar for the partner who would complement you and who can support you in becoming the man/woman you are here to be.

In this video, we'll discuss the elements that 'make up' that 'Ideal Partner'.

As there's not ONE perfect person on the face of this planet, expecting our relationships to be perfect can be a tad unrealistic.

However, as our relationships will never be perfect, this means that there will always be room for improvement!

This programme has been designed to help get you further in your relationships, faster.

With more ease, confidence and direction towards not just defining your standards in your relationships, but also in meeting them!

Have you ever felt that sometimes you are your own worst enemy?

We all have times in life when, no matter how hard we try, things just don't seem to work out the way we want and we really have anyone else to blame but ourselves.

If we haven't yet grown to understand and accept who we are as individuals, how could we ever be able to expect others to know us, understand and accept us?

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