Symantec endpoint protection v11 not updating

How long does it normally take to distribute the updates to all the workstations? Kind regards, mustekkzn Symantec-Endpoint---Update. Hi Pradeep Its been about an hour now since the update and I am still not having any luck what so ever.

symantec endpoint protection v11 not updating-66

See this article: Based on your first screenshot, it looks like you are receiving the latest virus definitions (the most current I believe is rev 124).

Symantec's work-around for right now is to leave the date on the file as 12/31/2009 and increment the rev #.

How to clear out corrupted definitions for a Symantec Endpoint Check if SEPM has Latest Definitions: DONE - 1.

Open SEPM- Symantec apparently ran into a Y2K10 and any updates beyond 12/31/2009 are being interpreted by SEPM as old.

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