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Dont forget that when you access zipato via web and have it open for a couple of hours, the weather station will not dynamically update.

MSN Weather app recently received an update, and since that update, users have reported that the app doesn’t work anymore.

So, we’re going to offer you a couple of solutions, and we hope that at least one of them will help you.

Firmware and Connect versions are up-to-date, and reboot of watch/phone and reconnect of the pair is having no effect on this glitch.

Add more stations and monitor for a couple of days (or week) which one is the most reliable.

We have received many questions like Apple Watch not updating weather or Apple Watch weather app complications or Apple Watch weather app not working.

We have got something for people, who have been facing issues regarding weather app on their Apple Watches.

Many users experienced that tapping the watch face doesn't give any better results in the situation mentioned above.

But they forget that the Apple Watch is just a humble assistant of your i Phone, hence, you should first take care of your i Phone and not the Watch.

Here’s exactly what you need to do: Close your Weather app and restart the computer Most people reported that renaming the configuration file solved the problem for them, but if you’re still unable run MSN Weather app, you can try to uninstall it, and then install the updated version from the Store again.

Just like it’s the case with most of other Windows 10 built-in apps, you can’t regularly uninstall the Weather app, just by choosing Uninstall from the Start Menu.

Apart from this, you can also delete unnecessary data if your i Phone memory is getting full.

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