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In order to start all services in the final stage it is recommended to keep 9-10GB. We had finished the final step by increasing to 10GB RAM and 12 GB swap file. Note: We will provide the JVM tuning tricks with copy of our config files to fit everything in our RAM setup. Click Next Since we want our VM Disks to be compatible with VMWare as well, we will use VMDK file type.

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This package will create a Linux user oracle and will create necessary Linux groups.

This package will also set Linux kernel parameters needed for Oracle installations.

We will mount it as “Read-only” because we do not want to make any changes in the source folder. Also please make sure that sufficient swap memory is available by using “free –m” command.

In the Virtual Box window, click on Settings Add shared folder Browse for the directory where we staged the installation files. When you use putty from windows then you must use tools like XManager to view output on host.

Click Next Note: This of course makes VM a bit slower initially during the installation (compared to Fixed size) since in this case the VM needs to keep on increasing the disk size as we move with the installation. Provide a location with at least 300 GB available space. Click Next On Summary screen click on “Create” to create the Virtual Disk. We will explain this later while assigning IP in Linux.

On next Summary screen click on “Create” to create the Virtual Machine. Click OK Make sure to have Operating System CD (Here Oracle Linux 5) in the CD drive.

The hard disc drive is used to store all your applications, files and folders, and the processor is designed to process and output all this data in an organised fashion, represented on your monitor.

In addition to the processor, there are several other factors that are known to contribute to this error, such as: The CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT error simply means that the processor is having difficulties with its cores and threads.

Select “Skip” and press Enter Click Next Keep default “English (English)” Click Next Keep default “US English” Click Next Since our disk is blank and not yet formatted to Linux File System, click “Yes” to erase all data. Important note: We will use the hostname “fusion” throughout this installation.

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