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And what sets it apart from all the other sites is the beauty of its models, the intimacy of its photos, and its movies each of which has an accompanying picture set so you can watch the movie AND look at the photos. Pakistan’s north is ringed by three major mountain ranges – the Karakoram, the Hindukush and the Himalayas – where mountain peaks can be as high as 8,000 metres above the sea level.Famous for its lush green fields, fruit orchards and picturesque view, the village has been inhabited by people for more than a millennium because of its fertile soil and freshwater streams, flowing downhill from the glaciers above.

Glaciers in the northern areas provide 60 per cent of all the water that flows through the Indus River — that benevolent irrigator of farmlands and magnificent producer of hydro-electric power.

These glaciers are receding as layers of their pristine ice melt due to rising temperatures.

Now, entire families have been forced to migrate away from the streams that once sustained them, but now swell into unexpected floods of unparalleled ferocity.

About 80 kilometres northeast of Reshun Gol, another lush and fertile village called Brep, on the road between Chitral and Broghil, was hit by a similar flood the next day.

This causes flash floods that are known among scientists by a rather unwieldy name: Glacier Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF).

In July 2015, a flash flood hit Reshun Gol in Upper-Chitral, northwest of Pakistan.

They carry out investigation about particulars of the person marrying a local girl and get the marriage dissolved by force if they are not satisfied and send the girl back to her home.

The people in general abhor the local persons who would arrange such marriages in lieu of a petty amount of money.

It is here that a misconception arose about the parents that the money for feast expenses was dubbed as ‘price of the bride’ and it induced the people to throng here with some amount of money and seek the hand of a local girl irrespective of the age difference between the two.

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