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Along with Aruba and Bonaire, Curaçao is part of the Leeward Antilles, an archipelago colloquially known as the ABC Islands, just off the coast of Venezuela.

And “D” is for darling because it’s such a darling and picturesque spot.

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They’re cluttered with people, lounge chairs, and artificial breakers to protect against the waves and create a calm swimming area. While searching for places to eat, I stumbled across a local, family-run restaurant near my apartment and ate most of the meals there.

(Not that a calm swimming area is bad, but the breakers reduce the flow of water, and since most resorts have boats and docks, I didn’t feel the water was the cleanest.)The beaches up north are public, wider, and more natural, but even still, they aren’t the long, white-sand beaches we often imagine. Every time I walked in, they greeted me like they’d known me for years (I was probably the only non-local to eat there).

What they don’t show in the brochures is the oil refinery on the edge of town. I was also disappointed by the lack of affordable and accessible public transportation. They were friendly, helpful, and great conversationalists.

You know this beautiful, multicolored, waterfront photo that shows off the view Curaçao is famous for? I wanted to love it, but as I boarded my flight home, nothing in Curaçao filled me with sadness to be leaving or a desire to stay. Buses only run every two hours and taxis are incredibly expensive ($50 USD for a 15-minute cab ride). Outside Willemstad’s famous waterfront, I wasn’t too impressed by the scenery, buildings, or homes. There’s nothing like a little grime and wear and tear on a city to give it some charm, but in Curaçao, the grit only added a feeling of woeful neglect. I stayed in an Airbnb rental, and Milly, my host, was super friendly and helpful.

Maybe I didn’t like it because I had high expectations — when you think of nearby Aruba and Bonaire, you think Caribbean paradise, and I just lumped Curaçao in with them.

Expectations can often lead to disappointment when we build up locations in our head.

Curaçao’s lively capital city, Willemstad, litteraly William’s City in Dutch, is like a mini-Amsterdam under a Caribbean sun, with a bustling café scene, shopping in chic boutiques, museums, art galleries.

It has two distinct historic districts, Otrobanda and Punda, and the action centered around the Queen Emma Bridge.

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If I chose to go back, it would be for the people, not the place.

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