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Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, pictured, has demanded the immediate relocation of some of the 30,000 migrants currently stranded in Greece and wants sanctions for Schengen Zone countries that refuse He said central European countries with declining populations and low unemployment could benefit in the long term by taking in millions of refugees, but said austerity policies have fed a far-right ‘monster’ opposing the inflows.‘Europe today is crushed amidst austerity and closed borders.It keeps its border open to austerity but closed for people fleeing war,’ he said.

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Mr Tsipras said that in facing a potential flow of millions of migrants, the EU is feeling the consequences of ‘unreasonable ...

imperialistic interventions’ in the Middle East that have destroyed organised states, an apparent reference to Iraq and Syria.26 male here : panties_off: i broadcast as an exhibitionist there : pp: haha why should hannah start there then for?: mike: hi hannah : Hannah: just did mik : panties_off: me nothing : Hannah: hi mike : mik: will you email or skype hannah?Ahead of the meeting, Macedonia has requested that neighbouring countries help it seal the thoroughfare by extending the existing 19-mile razor-wire fence on its southern border with Greece and providing extra guards and riot gear.The former Yugoslav republic, which is not a member of the EU, has sent a list of demands including bullet-proof vests, truncheons, handcuffs, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and grenades filled with rubber balls.Similarly when revealing about the ideology on meeting women he said: “I make a lot more friends, you know what I mean?

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