Important christian dating questions

However, speaking for myself, I think there is a difference between being called to celibacy and telling God that you are willing to be celibate or married depending on His will for your life.Definitely, if you are flexible to God’s will, He’ll make it known.I would agree with this statement, at least in theory, although I believe there is also great benefit to being a single priest.

Important christian dating questions

I’ve known people who were sure they were called to celibacy but were open to God’s leading and now they are married and vice versa.

However, although there’s nothing wrong with asking for God’s leading, I would not call that being called to celibacy or to marriage.

Some many choose celibacy for a time – perhaps they need to step away from distractions and get re-focused on Christ.

Sometimes someone might decide not to date for 6 months or 1 year following a break-up so that they don’t enter their next relationship “needy” and have some time to heal. Others wish to give a year of service and some missionary organizations do not permit dating during that term – although it is difficult if you love someone on your team, I have known people who stuck it out until the end of the year without dating and now are married to someone from the field.

To me, purity also refers to your thought pattern and the way you treat others, not simply to physical attraction.

For the purposes of this blog the word “celibacy” remains an intentional choice that one has made to be without a partner whether that be for a specific amount of time or for life.

Since I don’t know too much about celibacy for a season, this blog will be dealing primarily with the calling of life-time celibacy.

Throughout history, celibacy has had a very important standing within the Christian faith.

Some people say the women who don’t want to get married are the ones who end up having partners.

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