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The ivory pegs would remain an option into the early 20th century.

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Martin 1930 2-17 The "Clipped End" Grover tuners of the mid 1930's were most often seen in the form used with Martin's first solid headstocks with machines, but were occassionally seen on 12 fret Martins of the day.

Martin 1934 00-40H Interestingly, while the old style Waverly tuners seen in the early years of the 20th Century were generally phased out in 1925, they still appeared on some 12 fret Martins, including the 00-18H and some Style 42, until the 1940's.

Martin has always been specific about the intended use for it's various size guitars. The 12 Fret 1928 000-28 and early 1930 OM-28 Sizes of Early 12 Fret Martin Guitars Early Martins, from a Martin Stauffer and Hudson Street Martin to various assorted parlor size guitars, roughly equivalent to but from before the standardization of the size 2, 2 1/2 and 3, to a size 1 with alternative X bracing, with an early 14 fret Orchestra Model on the far left for comparison.

0000, M, and F - Grand Auditorium 000 and C - Auditorium 00 and R - Grand Concert 0 - Concert 1 - Standard 2 - Ladies 2 1/2 - Child's 5 - Junior With the introduction of the 2-17, the 2 size was referred to as an Amateur guitar. In context, the size 1 is a surprisingly large guitar, as with the 000 above, making up for in length a good part of what it lacks in width compared to a modern 14 fret guitar.

It is quite possible that this set is all original to the guitar, The 19th Century Tuners, also with thick, heavy gears, made after the Jeromes are said to have been made by Seidel Martin 1870's 1-26 Martin 1870's 1-28 Martin 1870's 0-40 This tuner, generally seen only on the uncommon Style 40, is perhaps the most exquisite tuner seen on a Martin, featuring silver "Teddy Bear" style plates, and pearl buttons. Martin 1870's 2-27 I can't say who made these unusual tuners that appear on some of the Style 2-27.

These are reminiscent of the shape of a beautiful silver tuner that appeared on the early Style 40.

This is another uncommon tuner style that shows ups here on an unusual 1874 Martin with pearl buttons.

1874 Martin 1-28 These three on a plate 12 fret tuners show that Martin used the Seidel style tuners with concentric circles on the corners at least through 1897.

Martin 1897 1-21 This 1902 Style 00-42 prototype for the Style 45, with pearl buttons, shows that the Seidel Style tuners with imprinted corners and those with concentric circles were used contemporaneously through the years.

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