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Works that involve Values Dissonance are particularly vulnerable to this.In the hands of a less capable (especially male) writer, it can carry the implication that while the men of the team can have varied personalities unrelated to their gender, the women are defined by their femininity or lack thereof (hence why there are only two).Read More Sisimuka Uganda boss, Frank Gashumba is teh talk of the town following his arrest in a military deal worth millions of dollars, he could be tried in a military court based on some of the items tehy recovered from his home in Bunga..

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Contrast Silk Hiding Steel, Spirited Young Lady, Girly Bruiser and often Pretty Princess Powerhouse; all of which are mixture of the two.

When a third girl is part of the dynamic, a girl that does not fit in either category then is among the Town Girls (Butch, Femme and Neither).

Read More Zari is in town to prepare for her 6th annual Zari All White Party taking place this Thursday, she was appearing on Sanyu FM this evening and talked of how Diamond Platnumz is on probation and could easily be replaced for the Hamisa Mobetto move, but the good thing, he is doing everything possible for the relationship to work out..

Read More It was a hectic day for the Dangote's in London yesterday and this is how they crowned off the night, the Simba had to pull out its claws to feast on its prey that was helpless after doing justice to a bottle of champagne...

She couldn't care less about her hair or makeup, but is often an Unkempt Beauty anyway.

Like their spear counterparts (Sensitive Guy and Manly Man), they are candidates for an Odd Couple and Odd Friendship brought together in the attempt to make hilarity ensue.Bobi Wine meets General Mega Dee in the US Diamond Platnumz shares Hamisa Mobetto's child on his wall Weasel terminates dealings with Bryan White Spice Diana's weave falls off while on TV Artists signed to Bryan White Foundation get five year contract Fille showers her baby daddy and manager with love Zari has serious engagements down in South Africa that have kept her very busy and therefore, not having enough time to monitor her lover and his movements.This kind of gave him a leeway to do as he pleased, but looks like that freedom has been abused beyond tolerable levels, she has called it quits..Faith., Kibler Marie Wilson., FAith Caldwell., Faith Tressler ., Faith caldwelltressler many not known by me Louis C Hollingsworth., Louis Hollingsworth., Craig Hollingsworth.m WARNING ABOUT THESE DANGEROUS DRUG USERS., SHOPLIFTERS., THEIVES., STANKY., FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS WILL YA PLEASE HELP ME?Read More The Obudde singer, Moze Radio, was eulogized by all those who spoke during the requiem mass at Lubaga Cathedral, the singer's remains were taken to Kololo Independence Grounds where several artists were performing mostly Goodlyfe songs..

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