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Based in south west London at Sitters HQ, we can provide unparalleled response time and customer service.Direct Sitters was established In 2009, after our own experience of waiting in for tradesman and losing a days pay, or having to take annual leave.

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Enjoy the ride lol I'm not angry, I know his family. They are good people and love Kenny and I can tell you for a fact have gotten upset many times over stuff like this that has been said about Kenny. I don't really know Kenny that well at all, he was ten years older than us, but I do know his family thinks the world of him and thinks he is not a womanizer and that he is in a commited relationship. We are not living his life or know the intimate details of it all. I doubt Kenny or his family need or want you to do that.

They should know that there are many untrue things said about Kenny, its the nature of the business.

The 2017 CMA Awards nominee says he will not be attending the CMAs.

He may be in the Virgin Islands, helping to rebuild a hurricane-ravaged community that's been his second home for years.

She wanted a pic of Kenny and the woman was next to him so she just ended up in the picture. The brunette is Kenny's girlfriend and he's WAY WAY taken.

Leave Kenny alone and stop making up stuff about him and taking pictures of her, get a life. I know for a fact that this guy is not "way, way taken" #3. Worldtours, doesn't surprise me I'm sure Kenny still keeps in touch with a lot of his women lol... I wonder though if these women think they are the only one, on one hand that is wrong of him, but on the other hand they should also be smart enough to know how he is.

People are always harassing him and even his family and he comes from an awesome family so bug off.

Wow, I'm not trying to bother him and my friend didn't mean anything by taking the picture. If its true and he really is way taken then that's refreshing and good for Kenny that he's finally gonna grow up and act 44.

Chesney says he started recording every live show about five years ago but did so sporadically before that. She lived the small town girl dream of moving to Music City and catching her star, so it was fitting for her to appear on that song with him."I wanted to surprise the audience.

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