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He is currently undergoing dental work to get it taken care of but even if he didn't I wouldn't care since it wasn't a case of lacking in dental hygiene.

He has nice teeth they are just off colored due to that medication. It shows poor personal hygiene and unless he is unemployed and has no financial resources at all, there is no need in this day and age to run around with a mouth full of rotten teeth.

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Oral hygiene and reasonably good oral health is at the top of my list of preferences in a man. It has always been an absolute deal breaker for me if a man has bad breath and I don't mean stale breath but bad breath from food particles rotting between his teeth or gum disease that is so advanced his flesh and teeth are rotting.

I absolutely cannot kiss him and would not be able to get intimate with him.

I told my kids to pull all the gold out of my mouth when I die. How the heck are you suppose to kiss someone like this? Often time those teeth need to be pulled and you need a bridge and dentures, or implants. Perhaps it's years of neglect, or a case of ondontophobia or anxiety. Perhaps a nasty case of gingivitis.goodguy_78, this is hugely important to your overall health as well as datability. Tooth decay and gum problems are linked to heart attacks and strokes in younger men. There may also be a dental school in your area where you can get work done on a sliding scale. Hey now, I'm living proof that there are SOME girls out there who will date you regardless of hygiene problems, in this case, teeth related.

My teeth have always been sub-par for as long as I can remember (Blame my childhood and parents...) and for today, well, I'm still at war with dental insurance and medicare.

Also there are some people that just have bad teeth with weak enamel that can take all the precautions and still get cavities.

I love my teeth and so does my dentist because he makes lots of money off them.I find that you don't need to be all that lazy to damage your teeth.All it can take is one cup of coffee with sugar or coke per day without drinking plenty of water after is enough to burn holes in your teeth.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Well I just wanted to thank all of you for letting me in on how it really is... Genetics have played a big part, no one on my fathers side of the family have kept their teeth past the age of 35.I brush and floss multiple times a day yet they are still crumbling out of my mouth.

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