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It's like, ' No, we're just good, new friends,'" he says.

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Series 2 of Beaver Falls starts on E4 on Monday at 10pm.

Brett Eldredge's song "The Long Way" is not only generating buzz for its sweet sentiment, but also for the leading lady in the music video, Sadie Robertson.

In 2009, Sam joined the BBC Scotland soap opera River City as new character Innes Maitland.

Sam played 'Flynn' in the E4 series Beaver Falls, which aired in July 2011 in Britain.

He is a keen follower of his local football team, Dundee.

In 20, he took part in the second and third series of Sky One's The Match.

The modesty and the uncertainty remain, however: “I think I need to add a few more strings to my bow,” he says slowly, “but I’m not embarrassed about it. Beaver Falls was the first job that I really felt proud about, that I’d done myself, where I’d done a good job.

It was the first time I felt happy to broadcast it.”Our photographer wants more time with him. He switches effortlessly into a natural pose, completely comfortable in front of the lens, entirely relaxed in the spotlight.

Elbow resting on the bar, a black v-neck t-shirt slung preposterously low on his chest and hair defying gravity, he looks a bit like the edgiest, naughtiest member of a boy band.

He’s pure pin-up pretty; no surprise considering he came into acting via the modelling route.“I don’t love doing photoshoots,” he says, as we take a seat on a shiny sofa.

When I went for it I thought it would be a bit of a jolly, but when I got into it I was like, ‘Jesus, this is a job...’”Unprepared for appearing on a soap opera that routinely attracts eight million viewers, he found being recognised in the street an uncomfortable experience, one which eventually led him to quit the show and spend a year travelling the world by himself, something he jokingly describes as “career suicide”.“[Coronation Street] was a whole different world,” he says. I was from Dundee, I wasn’t in the acting industry and suddenly I was going to VIP parties. ’” And instead of being scared or fearful of it I came back and embraced it and realised that it was something I should enjoy and appreciate.”Once his agent had persuaded him to get back in the game, a couple of small roles came along including one in River City before the one he was finally happy to shout about; that of Flynn in the hit E4 drama series Beaver Falls, which follows three British graduates working at a summer camp in the US.

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