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While, just a few years ago, simply having an a queer character or plotline might have been (and often was) enough to earn a dedicated following, NBC's Dracula is an unintentional reflection of how the landscape has changed.

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I'm emphasizing my take on the show here because, well, as Dracula showrunner Daniel Knauf told me yesterday by phone, "Why aren't there more of you?!

" The Bram Stoker adaptation created by Cole Haddon and starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers has shown an impressive appetitive for the dynamics of race, sex, and institutional violence, all while playing in the shadows of Victorian London.

A little bit of a scene occurred and the bar manager went over to them to try to deal with the issue. "He didn't see the build up of the issue between the defendant and Miss Jones but he did see the difficulty the manager was having.

He intervened because, as he said, 'I am 66 years old and I don't take kindly to bullies.

At Gloucester Crown Court yesterday Howell, 32, of Dragonfly Road, Covingham, Swindon, admitted assaulting 66 year old Martin Chapman causing him actual bodily harm at the Riverside pub in Lechlade, on Valentine's Day this year.

His attack left Mr Chapman with a cut over the left eye needing eight stitches as well as injuries to his nose and face.He was unsuccessful and he then picked up a fire extinguisher and pushed it at Mr Chapman.In a victim statement Mr Chapman described his facial injuries and said the damage had left him suffering headaches - which he had never had before - as well as needing optical treatment."During the research for the show, we learned that underground and private gay clubs were pretty popular and that there was this whole scene of female wrestlers going on," Knauf says.When Dracula, living under the assumed identity of an American businessman named Alexander Grayson discovers that his competitor Lord Laurent (Anthony Howell) is having a closeted gay love affair with Daniel Davenport (Lewis Rainer), a business partner's son, he finds out the location of the private gay club they frequent and shows up to threaten them with blackmail.He committed the latest offence in breach of a court community order.

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