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Bartending began as a trade years and years and years ago by the people who produced liquor and then sold it to the public.

This turned out to be quite a profitable venture for the bartenders and fulfilled the public need for a highly demanded product.

If you re a big entertainer in your home, this book is perfect for you too! Bartending for Beginners is an easy to read, simple guide to learning all of the basics that the pros already know.

Even if you never have any aspirations of going pro, this book is for you too! This book is written so that, if you want to make money as a bartender, you'll be ridiculously successful. You can spend hours looking for the information on your own, but why should you?

With your newfound skills, the jobs will be coming at you left and right.

Restaurants, golf courses, catering companies, and hotels will all need your services.Exuberant hosts just want their guests to be happy.That includes being able to make them whatever drink they want. These drinks are not your grandpa's drinks anymore.Do you wish you had incredible bartending skills so everyone wants to come to your party instead of someone else s?It's not last call yet we ve got the answers you want.It can also be great fun for those who love to host their own parties.

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