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In this example, I'm assuming that I'm displaying a set of Customer objects of some kind in a List(of Customer).

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After dropping the Form View onto your page, add, in the Page Load event, the code to build your collection of objects and set the Data View's Data Source property to that collection.

You'll also need to store that collection somewhere in-between the user's trips to the server -- the Session object is a good choice.

This expression is very straightforward in the current version of ASP.

NET: call the Bind method and pass the name of the property you want to bind to (for my Last Name property I would enter Bind(“Last Name”), for instance).

You should also turn on paging so that your users will be able to see more than just the first item in your collection.

While the Enable Paging option doesn't appear on the Form View's Smart Tag, it's available from the Form View's Properties list; just set the property to True (you can use the Pager Settings properties to control what controls are displayed for paging).However, the templates are still there: Open the Form View's Smart Tag and select Edit Templates; the Form View will switch to displaying its Item Template. The Item Template is used to display the data in read-only mode; to support that, drag a Label onto the template for each object property you want to display.For this example, I want to display my Customer object's First Name and Last Name properties, so I add two Labels and some text to identify the information to the template.The Form View will complain if you don't have the Form View's Page Index Changing event in your code file, so add that also.You don't need to put any code in the event, but it does need to be there.I need to do a custom update for a form view (I think/know), as some of the parameters that are required for updating values should not be updated by the users, such as userid of the person performing the action which is passed back to the database for auditing purposes.

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