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He said he was single, solvent, honest, genuine, not afraid of commitment. He clearly stated it was more than sex he wanted, it was a meaningful relationship, passionate one-to-one.” His profile picture was Antony’s first deceit. It was in fact a photograph of the Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan.

“He disliked mind games, endless cyber chat and communication was key. He and Anna, however, switched to communicating via Whats App, another online messaging service, through which he sent real photos of himself. It was like I’d known him and him me for far longer than we had.” They were intimate that first night, the springboard for six months of an intense and passionate relationship.

“This man used me like a personal hotel with benefits under the guise of wanting the romantic, loving relationship he knew I craved,” she said. I did not consent to having a relationship with a married man, or a man who was actively having relations with multiple women simultaneously.” Anna met ‘Antony Ray’, a businessman who frequently went abroad, on Tinder, which states that its users must not provide “information that is false or misleading”.

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The distance, the lack of the contact, the unanswered phone calls. She took action and reloaded the Tinder app to her phone.

There he was: Antony Ray, in action, again looking for women. Desperate for the truth, she created a fake profile and began communicating with Antony.

As 2015 turned to 2016, Anna says Antony’s passion appeared to be cooling and that he explained this because his mother had become ill, showing signs of ovarian cancer.

“He constantly told me he loved me and sent me voice messages saying we would get through any obstacle that came our way,” she said.

She says the law needs to change and that she is far from the only person to have been duped as a result of catfishing. Its aim is straightforward: “Creating a fake online profile with the intent to use women or men for sex, should be a crime under the fraud act, communications act and sexual offences act.” The longed-for relationship may have evaporated into nothing, but Anna has a new purpose.

Log on here to find the petition started by Anna Rowe.

He wanted a relationship, meaningful and passionate. “I let on after a day it was really me, and our relationship was over.

He told me his head had been a mess over his mum, who by then he had also told me had had a series of mini strokes, some with lasting speech conditions.

The hoaxer even used a picture of a famous Bollywood actor to draw Anna in, continuing to use a fake name before casting her aside after a passionate relationship in which he asked her to marry him.

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