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Reading the question just made me ha ha ha Have lots of friends here CC and flight deck, 98% end up dating/seeing each other.

Only a few in my circle have relationships with non-crew.

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BUT first get your feet under the table in EX and explore the new world. Glf Hmmm, time to revive the 'Single Life' thread down in ME perhaps Glf??

At least you are honest that you're not in it for the picket fence, happy ever after et al just yet...

When you first start dating in recovery, it is normal to feel completely scared and confused – after all, where is all that liquid courage?

Here we take you through the best steps to getting back out on the scene while ensuring that you do not relapse in the process.

Go to a matinee, visit an art gallery or museum, take a long walk in the park. While I’m not suggesting you wear your prom dress from circa 2007, I am suggesting you treat this as seriously as you would any other date. The scariest part was not knowing who I’d find when I finally got to where I was going. (Though, there definitely will be those things.) Like any long-term relationship, there will be challenges. You may discover things you never knew about yourself (this is a gift, treat it as such, no matter the information).

Whatever you do, resist the urge to pull out your cell phone. While it can be tempting to throw your hair in a high pony, slip into some yoga pants and your favorite sweater — I highly suggest you show up for yourself the same way you would show up for someone you’re trying to impress. What version of myself would I be in that little pizza joint in the strip mall?

You know that feeling you get when you’re hanging with a gal-pal who’s been scrolling through Instagram the whole time, barely listening to your big news or latest updates? ) If you’re willing to give your friends your focus why not do the same for yourself? For so long I had built an identity based on my relationships with other people.

Hi all, Please let me know if you guys know something about dating life of cabin crew in Dubai.

It is very difficult to establish any relationship outside work, as every time you set up a date, dinner, or just a social event, the roster changes... However you will make lifelong friends inside your work group.

Many relationships falter as a result of miss trust.

Once you get here you'll see why- unless you live out, the visitor rules mean it is way easier to date crew since they have more freedom to visit you than a non-airline person.

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