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" "Feel free to use my words as you wish to let others know about Ginie Sayles' seminar..." - Ginie's Biggest Fan Ginie Sayles was born in West Texas to a family of modest means.

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Finally, you can now get the original seminar recording - unavailable for a decade - once again.

"I can never get ahead," thinks Julie, a single mother of two who frequently stays up late trying to balance her budget.

Then one day, purely by chance, Julie meets Rick, a self-made owner of rental property.

Rick makes her feel like she can finally relax and not worry about making ends meet.

"I didn't marry someone rich but actually became rich myself!

Based on her seminar, I went to work in a place of business that caters to the rich.

Ginie continued to evolve from a school teacher raising her child alone, to a confident, sassy, head-turning stockbroker.

As she became more and more at ease in the world of the wealthy, her keen intellect and intuitive nature paid close attention to the fine points of life among the wealthy.

That's how being married to a well-off spouse can change your life.

It's so much deeper, and so much more informative, than you may imagine.

Her teaching took me to the Episcopal church in Beverly Hills; I met a fellow there who is now my best friend. "I was so impressed with the seminar that I had a personal session with her.

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