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I've been recapping this franchise for a long, long time.

Not in recent memory have I been so eager to hit the fast forward button on my DVR to see what happens next.

No matter what you see on TV, these guys are some classy men!

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The girl with the most votes will get to choose one guy who she'll be taking home with her.

Mean Chris has been moaning and complaining the entire episode about how his head is on the chopping block and it's all Kalon and Blakeley's fault.

We talk about all the dirty details you’d expect to find in ones little black book.

Their turn on’s: – Girls who can hold their liquor and who knows when to cut herself off. Stagliano admits he rarely will let a lady pay, but it goes noted when she offers and is willing to. And I’ll simplify this since many of us don’t date actors: a guy wants to discuss his work at times, but doesn’t want to be constantly questioned about it.

Being a relationship expert on Love Trap, a reality TV show on Cosmo TV and being a relationship columnist at that (not to mentioned a Bachelor Pad fan,) I jumped at the opportunity.

Ok, I didn’t jump because I was likely in heels, but you know what I mean.Tony breaks down the wall by turning on the local middle-of-nowhere country station and asking her to dance. Shocking Moment #4: They are about to make "Bachelor Pad" history Our host, Chris Harrison, calls an audible right before it's time to vote.The vocal stylings of very own Wes Hayden fill the desert air with the hit tune (top 100 in Mexico, I'm told) "They Say Love Don't Come Easy." As I cram a pencil in my eardrum, I wonder how in the world it came to this? This ceremony, everyone will be voting for one girl to go home.The Stag's alliance decides to kick Erica off, making her think that it was Chris' plan the entire time.Everyone lies to everyone and Chris makes a bold move when he pulls Erica in to the voting room with him to prove that he is indeed voting for Linzdi and not her.Unfortunately, ABC is only able to secure an Airstream trailer in the general vicinity of a raccoon habitat on the outskirts of town.

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