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Impressed by his heroics, Nell makes out with him right then and there...

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After years of working side-by-side in the ops center, Eric Beale (Barrett Foa) and Nell Jones (Renee Felice Smith) find themselves in the line of fire on Tuesday's After Eric inadvertently becomes a witness to a crime while playing an online video game with a friend, he ends up getting thrown in jail (and getting "cozy" with some bikers, Foa tells

As a result, Nell has to do a little undercover work to get him out.

As it turns out, the couple was blackmailed into performing the hack by someone who kidnapped the wife's sister.

Meanwhile, Sam (LL Cool J) and Anna (Bar Paly) are paired up to track another potential suspect, and Anna tells Sam that she's concerned about Callen (Chris O'Donnell) since he recently decided to get rid of or destroy all his furniture.

While all this is going on, Hetty has sent Callen on a personal surveillance mission. And she's with a man and a young boy, looking very family-like. Callen confronts her and she quickly gets rid of him, telling her beau(? Later, she arranges a private meeting with Callen and refuses to apologize for betraying him, saying she was just doing her job.

He arrives at a house, unaware of who his target is. She also drops the bombshell that the man and boy are her husband and 6-year-old(!He told Variety: 'I got a call from David Rubin, the casting director (of Men Don't Leave), and he said, "You've got the part." And I couldn’t believe it. s are suddenly seeing a lot of action—and not the running-away-from-pyrotechnics kind."That was really fun to play." But not fun for Eric to watch, according to Foa."I would say that Eric Beale's witnessing of said manipulation and said cozying, sexying herself up to [Eric's friend], was making his blood boil a little bit," Foa says. " Foa and Smith quip that their characters are like the "nerdy version" of Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), whose will-they-or-won't-they waltz has provided the emotional heartbeat of the show for five seasons. "They have such a strong respect and such a strong friendship that only a really strong relationship could be built on that friendship," Smith says.Deep Trouble Part 2 (episode) ♦ Inelegant Heart (episode) ♦ Praesidium (episode) ♦ The 3rd Choir (episode) ♦ Black Budget (episode) ♦ SEAL Hunter (episode) ♦ Leipei (episode) ♦ The Grey Man (episode) ♦ Traitor (episode) ♦ Reign Fall (episode) ♦ Humbug (episode) ♦ Spiral (episode) ♦ In the Line of Duty (episode) ♦ Black Wind (episode) ♦ Forest for the Trees (episode) ♦ Expiration Date (episode) ♦ Savoir Faire (episode) ♦ Fighting Shadows (episode) ♦ Blaze of Glory (episode) ♦ Rage (episode) ♦ Beacon (episode) ♦ Field of Fire (episode) ♦ Kolcheck, A.

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