Daniel and emily dating in real life

“We walked into a courthouse in Chicago and got matching tattoos because we didn’t have money for wedding rings,” Nanjiani reveals.Today, they share a home in the Hollywood area with their cat, Bagel.

Nanjiani is best known for his role as computer programmer Dinesh on HBO’s heralded series “Silicon Valley.” Gordon, who was a therapist when they met, has been published in The New York Times and The Atlantic and has written for “Another Period” and “The Carmichael Show.” The process of scripting “The Big Sick” began in 2012, after Nanjiani appeared on a live taping of the podcast “You Made It Weird” alongside Apatow.

He pitched Apatow several ideas for a script, and the producer homed in on the true story of the unusual relationship between the then struggling stand-up comic and his wife.

“We would work on drafts, take them to Judd every few months, and Judd would rip them to shreds. He is brutal in the best way.” Nanjiani adds that Apatow never pressured them to turn in drafts.

“I think he develops a few things, and the ball is in your court to keep it going,” he says.

Notes Gordon, “It’s interesting to be at your casual girlfriend’s side when she gets sick.

But it’s even more interesting to be at your recent ex-girlfriend’s side.” They also took creative license with both sets of parents in the film.

Gordon says her mother and father are quite different from the characters played by Hunter and Romano, though they’re thrilled with their doppelgangers.

“My family’s favorite movie is ‘Raising Arizona,’ so they could not believe it,” Gordon says with a laugh.

“I’d be playing video games and would get an email from her with completed scenes and go, ‘Oh man, she’s showing me up.

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