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In addition to the expected meetings and press conferences, events occur dynamically based on several factors.

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The only mascot that doesn’t have a person inside, but man is it cool looking.

In 1952, fans threw an octopus on the ice to symbolize the eight wins needed to win the Stanley Cup.

Decisions big and small, from what formation to use and how you train, to convincing a specific player to stay at your club with the right conversation options, will determine your success over years of simulation.

Daily actions include answering questions from the press, setting up training, speaking to players and staff, bidding for new players, scouting talent, petitioning your board for facilities or stadium upgrades, tweaking tactics, and of course (on game day), managing matches.

We've ranked the mascots of 28 National Hockey League teams, as all but two franchises (Rangers and Flyers) have "official" mascots. However it does resemble the team name and that keeps it out of the basement. Ratt was named in honor of the club's 1996 Stanley Cup Final run where rats were tossed on ice, which took longer to sweep off the ice than the team getting swept by the Avalanche for the Cup.

By Andrew Vailliencourt (@Andrew Vcourt) and Ryan Fish (@Ryan MFish) Stanley C. Harvey gets some credit for being the NHL’s first mascot and for being a big hit with Flames fans.Sports Interactive's series scratches an entirely different itch.In Football Manager, you're not just a coach, but also (in the mold of more traditional managers in the sport) an almost omnipotent decision maker in all of the club's activities.The official listed requirements are an Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core, or AMD Athlon CPU at 2.2GHz or higher, and at least 2GB of memory.On the graphics side, you'll need at least an Intel GMA X4500, an Nvidia Ge Force 9600M GT, or an AMD Mobility Radeon HD 3650 GPU.The tradition continued and Al became the team’s mascot.

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