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The glasswork in Kosta constitute the heart of our business.A genuine glasswork environment close to the craftsmanship and the designers.At our glasswork we also run extensive tourism and events operations that attract more than one million visitors each year.

A year later in 1969 more glass blowers followed, one Italian and a couple from Denmark.

Demand outstripped production in the 1970s and the factory had to be expanded.

In Kosta we also run extensive tourism and events operations that attract more than one million visitors each year.

Since 2005, Orrefors Kosta Boda AB has been part of New Wave Group, which works with several brands in the consumer and corporate market in the areas of sport, leisure, furnishings and gifts.

By the 1980s the modern image of Dartington had attracted the attention of Wedgwood who took up a large stake in the business in 1982, allowing for further expansion.

In 1987, Frank Thrower MBE died of cancer, but the business still boomed in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Hockin to mark the occasion of Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal attending the British Olympic Appeal Gala Ball on 15 July 1988 Today Dartington Crystal is the major employer in Torrington and surrounding rural areas, which is very important to the South West and UK economy, some of the most elegant items are still produced at Dartington Crystal in Torrington meaning the factory is the only working hand-made tableware producing crystal factory left in the UK, Given the demand for this product, the company does however outsource some ranges of items from within the EU (especially machine-made) crystal (mainly from Slovakia's Poltar crystal glass factory) where Dartington still continue a rigorous quality control process.

Dartington Crystal's most famous products date back to the 1970s, Frank Thrower's Scandinavian influenced designs such as Sharon, Exmoor, and Dimple set Dartington out from the others who concentrated on the now seemingly 'old fashioned' cut crystal styles.

In the near future, we will launch our updated website where you will be able to view, admire, share and purchase art.

Orrefors Kosta Boda AB is a design company in the Swedish province of Småland that designs and makes high-quality utility glassware and art glass.

On the recommendation of Frank Thrower, a potter and amateur glassware designer, the trust recruited Eskil Vilhemson, a Swedish glass manufacturer, to be the company's Managing Director.

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