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Marriage is a couple’s adventure yet to be determined.

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The role of the witness at the wedding feast is not just to drink fine wine or to ooh and aah over the dress, decorations, band, and scenery as a guest would.

The role of the witness is vital in validating the Sacrament of Matrimony.

What life will be like years from now and several children later only God knows.

Hardships, monotony, and temptation seem as impossible as a blizzard in this idyllic setting, yet we know that just like winter will come to every summer, hardships, monotony, and temptation will come in some form to every Marriage.

The witness must be relatively certain the couple is open to life.

She must help the couple see the fulfillment that comes from giving life compared to the constant unrest that comes from seeking fulfillment in material things.When divorce is seen as a way out, Grace is derailed in all those who don’t stand for the Marital Bond.When divorce is discouraged and struggling couples are told of redemptive suffering, of the command to love even our enemies and our former spouses, and the understanding that love is a purposeful action, not a whimsical emotion, love can be found again.A wedding isn’t just a fun time in front of family and friends and a wedding attendee isn’t just a “guest.” He or she is a witness to the Sacrament ministered by the couple themselves.It is a Sacred Covenant the bride confers on her groom, the husband makes to his wife, and both make to and with the Holy Spirit.It is the role of the witness to be sure the bride and groom understand what this joining the Order of Married Catholics means.

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