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A finished build-it-yourself house averages around ,000, and plans and kits are available online.

To have a house custom built runs around ,000-,000.

Have greater freedom Fewer possessions, greater mobility, more time (and money) to spend on favorite activities or traveling to visit family and friends, more time out in the community using resources like libraries, the local “Y” and gyms. If down the road you decide it’s time to live closer to family members, you can take your home and plop it in the yard, a ready-made granny-pod (of course you’ll need to hook up utilities).

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Will you be able to part with your keepsakes and heirlooms?

Codes and permits can be tricky Cities make less tax revenue from tiny houses, so they are not welcome everywhere; building codes vary from city to city and most tiny homeowners have a hard time getting city permits; in January 2015, seniors Karen and Tom Rogers won a board of zoning appeal in York County, PA to keep their 565-square-foot tiny house; the decision is being reconsidered.

It has a built-in platform bed, built-in shelves, space for a narrow table and a loft that accommodates a queen-sized mattress for guests.

Her tiny house’s kitchenette is outfitted with a built-in stove and oven, plus a sink and small refrigerator; in the bathroom are a tiny sink, a toilet and a shower. We don’t need all of our belongings,” Presley told

Going “off-grid” is an even more minimalist social movement to live self-sufficiently off the power grid. Some tiny-house dwellers go solar or do without electricity altogether by using wood stoves or propane for heat, and lanterns or candles for light.

It’s hard to downsize Not everyone is ready to cut way back on what they own.Presley heats and cools her home via a unit on the ceiling. “I just experienced the clutter, to live in excess, and I didn’t find it particularly satisfying.” Presley is part of the Tiny House movement, whose growing popularity reflects a desire among some Americans to pare down, consume less and enjoy a simpler, more customized home and lifestyle.While the houses are small – any home of less than 1,000 square feet is officially “tiny,” but most range between 100 and 400 – the trend is growing fast; as of last month, there’s even a tiny house TV show: Tiny House Builders premiered on HGTV on December 14.Whatever the style, your house – like Presley’s – is likely to incorporate space-saving innovations in cabinetry, appliances and furnishings borrowed from the boat and RV industries.Although the company Tiny Home Builders has a Tiny Retirement design that does away with loft beds and ladders, we haven’t yet seen fully accessible tiny houses built with universal design principals, but these are surely coming.Tiny home dwellers enjoy these benefits compared to traditional housing: Cut your expenses and debt Costs of building or buying a home, utilities, taxes, repairs and maintenance all decrease.

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