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In fact I just bought another for £3.99 Buy it Now plus £3.00 shipping alongside a number 4 for £5 plus £3.80 shipping.I began with the plate and polished the steel taking it from 250-grit through 2500-grit.

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Unfortunately or fortunately (however one looks at the issue), it is neither worth the effort nor risk to tig a new tooth on. But a reair to a hand saw would be comparable to welding a new tooth on a $12 band, not a Resaw King or Trimaster. If it is in decent condition--wood is most all there, not cracked, blade can be a bit ugly, but no real pitting near the teeth, $50 isn't a bad cost.

I would suggest cleaning the blade so it is as bright as easily obtainable.

Thanks again, Jim Hi Jim, Yes, breasting is the convex shape of the toothline. 83 on the bottom of the page, the toothline on my S&J looks more like those early saws that they depicted. I'll take a look in the Williamsburg book when I get to the shop (which is where it is at). The process by hand will be to joint, but not the full length at first.

I shoot for a larger one on a rip of that toothing, but it's all good. But if when the saw is standing on a flattish surface with the toothed edge down and there is convexity, it is breasted. Just the ends, trying to maintain a relatively straight line, even though the file will want to follow the concavity. Then file some more, then, well, you get the picture.

I own one of these saws from my apprenticeship days and bought it new in 1967. Now mine, in storage in the USA, is 1 1/2″ narrower than these I have fixed up because I have used it every day throughout my working life and I have sharpened every other week throughout that time.

It has indeed been a good saw and I see them all the time on e Bay.

Peace, Jim Hi Jim, like Ray said in his couple responses, a tooth here or there won't really affect the saw.

And if it bugs you down the road, it can always have new teeth punched or hand filed in.

I will likely sell one of them to my students over the weeks when I return.

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