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In that respect he is definitely not following in Dad's footsteps, which, to paraphrase Clint, kind of makes our day.- Mary Kaye Schilling Emerging Explorer, a Clean Up the World Ambassador, and a United Nations Environment Program Climate Hero, de Rothschild is sustainability's hip trendsetter.

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Last summer Scott Eastwood channeled leading men of the 1960s—including his father Clint—for a Town & Country photo shoot.

We'd like to say that we anticipated the viral reverberations, the virtual drooling ("Beyond lickable" was one memorable, if crass, response), but that would be lying.

Shortly thereafter he sailed across the Pacific in a vessel made of plastic bottles to publicize the abyss of marine debris known as the Pacific Garbage Dump.

His boat was named the Plastiki in homage to Thor Heyerdahl's 1947 Kon-Tiki expedition, and it sailed through an area now sadly bereft of life.

"My jacket is made out of plastic water bottles," he once gushed.

"Seventy percent of used bottles can be spun back into yarn and turned into clothing." Suddenly a crunchy fleece feels like a sartorial must.

NATURAL HABITAT: Yangon, for work; Paris, for couture. NATURAL HABITAT: Riverkeeper benefits; the cutting room, at work on his documentary on Eric Lewis, a musician who has played at the Obama White House. THE SKINNY: Part-time model and clothing designer (a charitable initiative called Project 360). CAVEAT: Your hair will never be as good as his mother's. LIKES: Whales (he has worked at the Ocean Alliance to save them); new neighbors, including the ones who bought his ex-girlfriend's house next to the Kennedys' Hyannis Port compound.

CAVEAT: Brushing up on the history of his homeland may be difficult: Is it Burma or Myanmar? THE SKINNY: Writer and film producer son of Robert F. THE SKINNY: The Deerfield Academy senior is the son of Robert F. NATURAL HABITAT: The front line of Keystone XL Pipeline protests; college tours. THE SKINNY: The Yale student is the son of Caroline Kennedy and Ed Schlossberg and the only grandson of JFK.

From certain angles he's a dead ringer for his father, but Clint's more menacing nucleotides appear to have skipped a generation.

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